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camellia is dying


By Jaxdali

United Kingdom Gb

i was given a lovely potted camellia as a xmas was doing really well until about a month ago.all of a sudden it started to 'drop' its flowers.(not dead ones healthy looking flowers in full bloom.)The plant is also losing its leaves and is looking very leggy and sparce.what have i done?.



Is it still in its original pot? Where is it? Whats the weather like?

Camellias like a good feed with sequestrene. If it was in flower when you had it for xmas (in UK?) it had been "forced" into flowering early. It needs a rest.

Presume you will be able to plant it out and treat it tenderly. The flowers tend to grow facing the sun - dont plant against a northfacing wall. Feed like an azalea or rhododendron.

Best of luck


9 Jun, 2008


what is sequestrine am a bit of a luddite when it comes to the gardening technical stuff.i have been feeding it for the last few weeks on a general outdoor plant that the same as was in bud at xmas its still in its pot on a corner position in a south facing garden.i was planning on leaving it in its pot as its on my patio.will it grow better if i put it in garden

10 Jun, 2008


It is an acid soil lover - it needs to be planted either in a pot with ericaceous compost or if you plant it in the garden, you'll need to know what type of soil you have, acid or alkaline. Have you got any of the following thriving: Heathers, Azaleas or Rhododendrons? If so, you are likely to have acid soil. Sequestrene is a food specially formulated for acid loving plants, so it's not the same as a general plant food. Hope this helps. P.S. Don't plant it facing East - the frost gets the buds!

10 Jun, 2008


If it is in a south facing garden, is it in full sun? If so, move it. This is a woodland plant and much prefers a shady spot, north or west facing

10 Jun, 2008

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