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Can anyone help me with these pesky bugs. I live in Tenerife and they cover the palms & ficus, no-one seems to do anything about them so perhaps they are "unkillable". Now they are all over my potted plants. They don´t fly and leave a very sticky patch on the ground below the plant when, presumably, they die. I assume the 2nd photo is the cocoon. I have tried many things from the garden centre but nothing works, I hope someone can help. Thanks, Gwen

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Are they meale bugs? If so wash em off.

27 Aug, 2013


I know the cocoon looks like a mealy bug Angieindgar but the actual bugs are white so I don´t think so and they are impossible to wash off. I thought they were cochineal, which are a problem here in Tenerife, but they aren´t red when I squash them. Thanks for your thoughts anyway.

30 Aug, 2013

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