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Harris, Texas, United States Us

I have been reading thru the question & answer section and offering a few suggestions of my own here and there and as I was reading I started feeling like a Yankee in King Arthur's Garden - Are most of you from Europe?? I am from Houston, Texas (the north side of town near a delightful town called Spring. Great name for this area of the US since it is perpetually Spring here!! Anyway, I love my yard both front and back and I am always on the look out for unusual plants that are beautiful and have LOUD fragrances. Ido mostly container gardening in the back as the pool takes up most of the available ground space. If it can be hung, put on a pedestal or can climb something, I love it. I expecially like the tropical looking folige (spelled THAT wrong).
I have a reasonabally green thumb and 9 other digits and part of each foot looks a tad green. I am expecting webbing next year LOLOL
I'll be talkin to ya'all
Miss Flitterbug



hi welcome to GOY, think we are a well mixed bunch on this site from all over the world.

9 Jun, 2008


Hallo Miss Flitterbug! Nice to meet you! The site has grown since it started and as Irish says, we have members from ...well, all over the place...and everyone is welcome!

9 Jun, 2008



Perpetual Spring - sounds like a gardeners paradise. Do you get any frost at all?

Ann - In the Midlands of England

9 Jun, 2008


Thanks for making me laugh! Welcome. I'm in UK. I'm sure there is another member in Texas......

9 Jun, 2008


Welcome,and welcome again,miss Flitterbug,from Houston,Texas,

10 Jun, 2008

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