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By Katya

Kent, United Kingdom Gb

Is it safe to grow jasmine (either common or garden or star jasmine) in the ground against a house wall? We have a shady paved patio, enclosed by walls on three sides (two ours, one our neighbours', with whom we're very friendly). I'm considering lifting a flagstone against the neighbours' wall and planting the jasmine in the ground, rather than in a pot, as I think it would do better. I imagine the root would be contained by the remaining paving stones, but I'm concerned that it could cause problems to the fabric of the wall. I've mentioned it to our neighbours, also keen gardeners, and I've tried to research it, but can't find specific information as to how strong or invasive the root might be, only that it starts shallow and goes deep.

On plant Trachelospermium jasminoides



Hi Katya,

At first I thought Jasmine would have been an ideal, non evasive plant to grow with NO problems to walls or foundations. I mentioned this to my neighbour and he was horrified and directed me to some information that is totally the opposite to what I thought. I have copied the information for you:-

Jasmine (Jasminum polyanthum)

"This vigorous evergreen climber from China grows quickly to a height of 6 metres (20’). It can become invasive very quickly. It is difficult to control as it spreads above and below ground and the wiry stems are quite tough to remove. It sends out new shoots from the roots and can only be controlled with continual spraying."

The final choice is yours Katya. But I know what my decision would be, especially where neighbours and disputes are concerned.

22 Aug, 2013


Jasmine comes in different sizes - some of them are perfectly well- behaved. There's a yellow winter-flowering variety that certainly isn't thuggish.

As you've already spoken to your neighbours, it might be worth asking them which variety they'd plant. If it does get out of hand you can then politely remind them that it was their choice!

22 Aug, 2013


I like your way of thinking Urbanite... Very dimplomatic ;o)

22 Aug, 2013


I had a very vigorous jasmine officialis in this position which was planted in the ground a couple of yards away, under a laurel tree/hedge, and trailed across to reach the trellis on the wall in the patio. But after a prolonged absence last summer and a winter of neglect (excuse: the weather) it died, deprived of light and probably also water by the unpruned laurel. Mea culpa! It was semi-evergreen and flowered almost into winter. I want another one, but preferably growing from directly under the trellis. Planting it a few feet away means it won't get to the patio for at least a couple of years. My first thought was to replace it with another common jasmine, but I've read quite a lot about star jasmine recently, so now I'm thinking of getting one of those. A pot is an option but a large one would obtrude into the seating area. There's plenty of wall space that needs covering, so I'm not too worried about what happens above ground. My only concern is the roots.

22 Aug, 2013


Reading up on it suggests that it isn't particularly hardy. Recommended to grow in a container so that it can be moved into a greenhouse - sounds more like you'll have more trouble keeping it alive than having to worry about roots.

23 Aug, 2013

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