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Hi all - I would like to ask another question: I only have a balcony that is in full sun from approx. dawn to 3:30 in the afternoon. I would like to plant dwarf fruit trees e.g. pear and apple. It is now August and the sunshine hours are about 6 hrs, but there is virtually none in winter, I am not sure if this will be enough. Do you recommend this or is it difficult and perhaps if you know about these you could recommend trees.

Also is it worth growing potatoes? What are the advantage? Is it more cost effective to just buy them?

Sorry this is so long but I am nearly new to this and any advice is valuable.

Kind wishes



I'd give a container tree a try but make sure you have a big enough tub and don't expect fruit like is shown in the catalogues! Most fruit tree varieties need another for pollination and the nursery will advise you which ones go together - they need to be in flower at the same time. If there's a choice I'd go for a later flowering one to avoid the early morning frosts. (You don't say where you live)I think pears normally take a long time to start bearing and may not be worth the effort. Potatoes grown in bags aren't grown to be economic, which they aren't after buying compost, container and seed potatoes -just grown because they taste so much nicer straight out of the ground, so you pays your money and takes your choice.

16 Aug, 2013


2 trees and potatoes are going to add a lot of weight to your balcony so have you checked if it has a weight restriction and some drainage as you are going to use a lot of water too? I found potatoes in bags quite costly to grow for the amount you get so I just do it for the fun of it.

16 Aug, 2013


Well thank you for sharing your knowledge with me: Steragram, DRC726 and Bilbobagins, I hope I have spelt all that right. You know I think you are right. It sounds like I'm harking back to doing too much again. Maybe I'll give the potatoes a go as there is nothing so lovely as a tasty potatoe. If that works maybe I can try something else next near.


17 Aug, 2013


Plant a pot of mint then, to go with them!

17 Aug, 2013


Thanks for the suggestions but I like neither of these herbs
I'm a basil and lemon-thyme girl. Chives are a favourite mixed into mashed potatoes.

Thanks once again


18 Aug, 2013

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