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I have purchased six fuchsia plants this year and I am wondering if I can over-winter them for next year. I have an indoor stairwell that is both light and seems to keep fairly warm but does not have any heating. The stairwell is indoors.
The fuchsias I have are:
Quasar, Bella Rosella, Bicentennial, Seventh Heaven and Voodoo.

I do hope so as they are rather beautiful.

Many thanks in advance



hi june no problem with overwintering them, i have a fuchia growing outside over 20years i,ve pruned then down to the ground many times and the following year there up again, so if this is outside , indoors should be no problem. agreed there a beautiful plant, they also take very easy from cuttings.

15 Aug, 2013


Hi June

All these you have named are not hardy fuchsias in UK

And will need protection.

I am in Scotland and have a lot of fuchsias.
But only 2 that grow in ground are hardy .

If you can protect in a garage or shed if you dont a greenhouse.

Or wrap in newspaper in abox and put in loft till Spring then take down and pot up and a little water but still kep indoors.

Where you live may be much milder though.

Good luck.

15 Aug, 2013


Non hardy fuchsias overwinter well on an indoor windowsill with plenty of light

15 Aug, 2013


Or if you haven't got room for six on a windowsill try the following:
Let them dry off naturally when the weather starts to get colder. The leaves will fall off as the compost dries out but don't worry. Trim them back a bit so they don't take up too much space and keep them in a cool not too bright place. They will survive best in a cool place so no worries about heating, which would tend to prevent them going dormant. You can start them into growth again in early spring - water sparingly and spray with tepid water to get them going but don't get them really wet. When green leaves appear at the base you trim off the old dead branches. don't be tempted to leave the branches on to give the plants a start - they do better on new growth from the base.

15 Aug, 2013


Many many thanks for your replies. I think I will go with Steragram's suggestion which seems to be closest to the way I was hoping. As they are in planters I will put them away just as they are after trimming them back as you have suggested.

Keeping my fingers crossed.

Thanks again

16 Aug, 2013

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