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Evergreen problem

Georgia, United States Us

I recently transplanted two evergreen from a neighbors yard. One is doing well, but the other evergreen has white moldlike on some of the branches. Is there something I can make, i.e. bleach, dishsoap, to spray on the branches? I don't want to use anything harsh as we're already in high heat temps already. Fortunately, the evergreens have partial shade during the day.

Thanks for any info! CJ from Villa Rica, GA



Have you tried any of the "Neems" products?? They don't seem to be so harsh and I have had good luck with them. I don't know about evergreens but it sounds a lot like "Meeley Bugs" If it is MB, they will spread to other shrubs that are close by. I used Neems to get rid of the MB on my shrubs. Hope this helps Miss Flitterbug

9 Jun, 2008

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