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What's your opinion on commercially-bred tiger worms ?
Do they do a good job composting ? Will they drive away the existing garden worms ?

Arnold Handley



Tiger worms are supposed to be the best because of the rate they can compost especially when using a wormery. They are very adaptable to their enviromental conditions and will live happily alongside other species of worms without harming them.

9 Aug, 2013


I know someone who has them in his compost bin, and he didnt put them there. Think the secret is to keep them damp, but not wet.
I am still downhearted about my Wormery. Mistake to have bought it (the GC did tell me, I wouldnt listen) I
just use one tray. They are supposed to go up through the holes in the tray bases, into the
upper trays when they have eaten all the material in the bottom tray. Mine didnt, they went into the well at the
bottom and were swimming about in the Lecheate.
It didnt matter, I took the whole lot of compost outside
and picked them all out in the daylight, brought them into the kitchen and started them again. Maybe better in a flat where there are several people producing more green waste. I have never used the top 2 trays.
I paid £82 for the Wormery.
Will cheerfully sell it for £30.
( Buyer collect. Kettering, Northants)

9 Aug, 2013


they are a native worm and if you set up your compost bin they will quickly find their way in to your bin. The are an added bonus as OH is a keen angler. they don't affect the other diversity of worms in your garden.

9 Aug, 2013


Thanks for your advice Myron. You and Seaburngirl have reassured me over tiger worms not affecting local earth worms.
Dianebulley - I've just ordered 250 grams of tiger worms. I don't have a wormery, they'll go into my compost bins.

10 Aug, 2013

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