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By Jonah13

Berkshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have a rose growing in a pot with roots growing through the base holes. This is making the plant get very big, but the soil beneath is very poor and so therefore the flowering is poor also. Should I tilt the pot and snip the roots off, and prune the rose stems a little also? It is Iceberg.



Is the pot big enough do you think or is it just growing down to the damp soil as roots tend to do?

8 Aug, 2013


It is 19" wide, but the plant is now double the size it was for the roots having made an escape through the holes. I feel it might flower better (and stay smaller) if it remains in the good compost. Would you agree?

8 Aug, 2013


It sounds big enough but I,m no rose expert

Pruning the top....and maybe those roots too next spring and a good rose food then to encourage flowers but I think its a hybrid tea and may naturally want to grow big

I,m sure someone else with more knowledge will comment later....

8 Aug, 2013


I grow Iceberg so I know how big it grows. You'd be best planting it in the ground where it wants to be, then it will flower well. I never find roses that successful for long in pots.

8 Aug, 2013 this link to DA roses suggests a 12 - 15 gallon or half barrel size pot. It also suggests some suitable roses. I have just checked out Iceberg on their site and they say it is one of the best standard floribunda roses. I wonder if yours is suitable to prune to the standard shape using a strong stem. It might be easier to keep in a pot as a standard.

8 Aug, 2013


I agree, if the roots are trying to escape I would put it in a bigger pot or plant it in the ground. Have you been feeding it? at the very least it needs some rose food in the spring - this is a good move even with plants growing in the ground. Poor nourishment will result in poor flowering.

10 Aug, 2013


Why wait to next spring to prune roots? I am too disabled to move it.

12 Aug, 2013


I doubt it would hurt if you just trim the ones coming through the holes......would you do better with a patio variety instead, they are supposed to be less vigorous

12 Aug, 2013


If you cut away a lot of top growth that would result in the plant requiring less roots for its survival. Could you show a photograph of it?

12 Aug, 2013

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