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Has anyone grown Nepeta 'Walker's Low'? It has come to the time when I should cut mine back, and the theory is that if they're cut back by two-thirds, they'll flower again.

Is this true, please?

On plant Nepeta racemosa 'Walker's Low'



So I believe, might even get round to doing it one of these years.

5 Aug, 2013


Thanks - I'll chop it if this rain ever stops! [We're in the midst of a thunderstorm at the moment].

5 Aug, 2013


It's almost worse than having the heat, isn't it. Looking better this morning. :-)

6 Aug, 2013


Was that our summer? It's a lot cooler.

7 Aug, 2013


I've done the deed! Probably not hard enough, but we'll see. Weather improved here. :-)

8 Aug, 2013


I have them everywhere! One of my favorites. I don't always shear them after the first bloom but they do have a slightly better 2nd bloom if you do. One of the biggest reasons for "Walkers Low" for me is that they don't usually flop open if you forget to clip them. Have found that they definitely prefer full sun and moist soil. The plants w/ that combo out perform all the others either way.

2 Sep, 2013


I did it, Kimberly, and they're much the better for it. I really like Nepeta and so do the bees. :-)

3 Sep, 2013

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