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I have a magnolia stellate which is in a pot. I was told when I bought it that it would be OK in the pot for two years. Two years has passed and I would now like to transplant it into open ground. The plant is healthy and has produced flowers each year. Does the plant require any special type of soil. I live in New Milton, Hampshire and I think my soil is more alkaline than acid. Your help and advice would be appreciated. Glenys



Of the magnolias, M. stellata is the most tolerant of soil type. However, shallow soils over chalk aren't the best (I should know, I grew up just south of Winchester, and we had none). What I would do is incorporate a good quantity of organic matter (not multi-purpose compost) like garden compost and some John Innes No. 3 when you plant, so that the tree gets the best possible start. It'll love it, you see. Don't forget, allow it the space to get to its full size, 2 - 3m (7 -10ft), but that is several years away.

3 Aug, 2013


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4 Aug, 2013

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