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when is the right time to put a bee hive in the garden



Friend of mine got hers about 6 weeks ago. Hive was al set up, and she bought a nucleus colony (a mere 30,000 bees!). All seems fine at the moment. Speak to local bee keepers' association where you will find guidance, a mentor to help while you find your feet, and loads of help. PM me if you need further info. I'm well into it at the moment, but can't keep bees at the garden centre.

3 Aug, 2013


very early spring as their numbers will very quickly build up if u have a good laying queen (up to 2k eggs a day) as soon as any flowers open, and food is been brought back to the hive.

3 Aug, 2013


Anyone on GOY site keep bees?

3 Aug, 2013


My neighbour across the road keeps bees. Had a rough time of it lately and had to replace about half his stock this year.
Fascinating things is bees.

4 Aug, 2013

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