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Bee Hotel- Where to place it?


By Lijemc

London, United Kingdom Gb

Hi, I've just bought a bee hotel. Where would be the best place to put it considering my fences seem to be a super-highway for cats to pass to and fro (just wondering if the cats activity would effect the bees settling or maybe not have any effect on the bees at all)? Many thanks.



It may help I don't know....But here the woodpecker has been pecking at the holes to get at the bees in there, maybe the cats would deter him!

26 Jul, 2013


Cats won't worry the bees. Best spot is somewhere sheltered away from heavy rain and wind.

26 Jul, 2013


Many thanks Pamg and Worthy.

26 Jul, 2013


We have about 20 cats and last year had a couple of hives with no problems at all. If anything, the cats will eat, or at the very least discourage the mice that WILL damage anything associated with bees in order to get at honey. I'm not sure whether the difference between a bee hotel and a hive would make any difference.

27 Jul, 2013


Thank-you Gattina.

27 Jul, 2013


I take it you mean the overwintering Bee Hotel. It is a bundle of tubes held together in a wooden container. These are for a specific type of bee. I hate to tell you but Stirling University have an ongoing project about bees. They have said the bee hotels are useless. They have had no bees use them. They have also used nest boxes and again there was only a small take up by the bees. If anyone can give some more encouraging news about their use please say so. This link gives lots of info on bees.

9 Nov, 2013

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