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I'm currently watering a neighbours tomatoes whilst they are away on holiday. I have been watering everyday as it is so hot.
They are in a greenhouse, with ventilation open. My concern is that some of the leaves are looking very marbled. They did not ask me to feed with anything. What is the cause of the marbling.
If they need a feed I have tomorite or liquid seaweed. Which would be best or should I buy something else and please tell me how often I should feed if needed.
Thank you.



the older leaves do this as they age. if you have tomorite give them a dose of that as you would your own.

19 Jul, 2013


I waited to see what another member would say as I thought the same as you SBG, mine tend to do this towards the end but was not sure if I had it right?

19 Jul, 2013


The bottom leaves, especially on the older varieties has started to do this now, I,ll just remove them

19 Jul, 2013


Thanks all. It is the bottom leaves that are affected. I'll give them some tomorite. I do this each year for them but they are normally away earlier in the year and not for so long and certainly not in as much heat. I'd hate to be responsible if they had been sick!

19 Jul, 2013

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