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Help, Something has eaten the tops off all of my Swedes, Any idea who?



Slugs, snails, rabbits, mice, flea beetles,caterpillars. Its a jungle out there!

26 Jun, 2013


Yup it is and you missed pigeons out Cammomile - they can wreak stuff too!

26 Jun, 2013


Oh yes, forgot about the pigeons. We have one on the roof right now and its cooing down the chimney very loudly.

26 Jun, 2013


We have two which seem to have taken up residence in the garden roosting in a birch tree, I am seriously tempted to lay down alcohol soaked grain for them there blasted big feet do so much damage.

26 Jun, 2013


Then they'll make an even bigger drunken mess staggering all over the garden - or will it do for them?

26 Jun, 2013


If you follow the alcoholic grain route you then kill the birds, hang them up and eat them :-) Not really planning to do this...

26 Jun, 2013


Thanks guys, cant believe I lost the whole row inside 2 days, 1 day they were doing great and 2 days later not a leaf insight :(

27 Jun, 2013



27 Jun, 2013


Don't think it's sheep as it's on an allotment, and only my swedes have been eaten :(

29 Jun, 2013

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