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I know I'm stupid...but

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I have more of a field than a garden (3 acres) and that field is at present a jungle. my question is simply having strimmed an area and the grass left to dry could I just heap it somewhere as I go and would it just dissapear of its own doing? I'm sorry but I am that ignorant when it comes to the outside. Could anybody help me please.
Thank you for your replies to my question. Already I feel a little more informed. So little by little by little seems to be the answer. The strimmer has had some success but after a long day at work it does sometimes fail to come out of the shed. I have a ride on mower which I am now reinforcing the work to date with. Work is going on in the house as well as out so perhaps when that is done I will have more time for outside. Its a challenge I have to meet or it's all a little pointless having our own little spot in the first place.
Thanks once again.



You could try starting a compost heap ! does any1 else agree?

8 Jun, 2008


The grass will not disappear, but as Ilovelillies suggests you can compost it. You probably have quite a lot though. Maybe you could find out if your local authority has somewhere to recycle it.

8 Jun, 2008


Hi Clueless 3 acres large area to tackle without a ride on mower.This the only practical way of collecting such a volume of grass.Strimmed areas fine to leave as grass will be spread over large area.Wouldnt fancy strimming 3 acres though.Perhaps an alternative is to have a meadow with stimmed 'paths' through it.

8 Jun, 2008


You would be better to concentrate on clearing a small area at a time, digging it and planting, then move on to another area. I agree with Blodyn that a compost heap would be useful to you, but you must make it out of a mixture of green and brown garden materials, plus shredded paper and cardboard as well as kitchen vegetable peelings etc. You can add layers of your grass well mixed in. I agree with BB that strimming 3 acres would be a TERRIBLE job and a bit like painting the Forth Bridge! Strimmed paths through the long grass would be fine and useful while you make your garden area.

8 Jun, 2008


Hi Clueless we all felt that i think when we all started Gardening :) I inherited a Huge Garden with the house i moved into last April & thought id never get it 2 my likeing & i started near the House cos thats part u see 1st,Any way With Few Pennys& already few Plants,Shrubs already here 2 make a go with& a Great neighbour who gave me many Bits of her own plants iv come along way in 12months:)It can be done with just time & Patience,Seeds r a great start&asking perhaps Friends/Family for some Baby Plants they may already have Spare great way2 save pennys :) Some of my garden iv left long grass&got mown paths until iv enough plants to extented my Wild/Cottage Flower Boaders,In the Long grass iv Daffs,Snowdrops ect & primerose,Cowslip not visable now cos died back &hidden in the Grss :)Any Way Best Wishes& good Luck :)

8 Jun, 2008


Welcome to GoY, Clueless.
I agree with Spritz and Jacque.
Nibble at it as Spritz suggests, maybe just establishing and maintaining main pathways then focusing on successive small areas that will give you the most pleasure as they are 'tamed'. Try not to be over ambitious, you don't want to take on so much that it becomes daunting.
Creating and making your own compost as you go is very satisfying and all being well you will be able to start using it in the late autumn/early winter months.
Jacque has suggested great ways of filling your garden. This time of the year there are lots of plant stalls too at summer fayres/fetes, car boot sales etc. So take time out to enjoy them and add to your stock of plants at low cost with the bonus of care and maintenance tips from the folk who have grown them.
We would love to follow your progress ( and offer suggestions, identification of plants and advice if you need them) so please do keep us posted on how your project goes. Happy gardening ;-D

9 Jun, 2008

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