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By Lijemc

London, United Kingdom Gb

Sort of a garden question ...

Hi, I bought a tin of white emulsion paint today. As I got it out of the car it tipped over, the lid came off and you can probably guess what happened ... yes the paint spilled all over the back of the car, onto the road and over me and my left foot!

I've got the paint off the car and my shoe, but there are some left-footed footprints up the pathway to the house. I had no choice, I can no longer hop!

My question is (finally, I hear you say, lol) is have you got any ideas on how best to get white emulsion paint of my paving-slabbed pathway? I also bought some white spirit and have scrubbed the path with the white spirit, but there is still paint on the path. Would the jet wash remove the paint?

Also, how do you get paint off an inquisitive cat who decided to have a look at what happened and then proceeded to run upstairs and spread the paint!? Luckily, for the cat, I still love him and wish him no harm ... well not much!



Water might help as you mix emulsion with water, not sure about bathing the cat!

25 May, 2013


Watering it down is the best way - try using boiling water and a brush on the path - soak cotton wool balls in warm water and wipe the cats fur - if it lets you! Good luck ... :o)

25 May, 2013


Many thanks Lizziebee and Shirley tulip, I will try that.

Not sure the cat will let me Shirley, but I will definitely try! :-)))

25 May, 2013


Maybe a little washing up liquid too

25 May, 2013


Thank-you Pamg.

25 May, 2013


How awful ! Deepest sympathy from all of us sitting at our computers clean and dry.

25 May, 2013


One way and one way only to bring your slabs back to normal,
hire for a few pounds or buy a pressure jet washer,

It'll done the job "even if the paint is dry" in seconds.

And clean your slabs at the same time,

25 May, 2013


lol Diane :-)

Thanks Dungy, the slabs did need cleaning as well, so you've persuaded me.

25 May, 2013


And if none of these remedies work, how about a new paving slab or . 2 ? Might be the easiest solution anyway, if they're still available.

26 May, 2013


Thanks Hank.

26 May, 2013


awww, what a tale of woe! I bet the air was 'blue'! However emulsion should come off with warm water and washing up liquid as already stated by others.That will work on the cat too! Yes, pressure washers are marvellous, we used one for the first time ever recently [on anything that stood still long enough.]The brickwork drive came up great, the stone birdbath and patio slabs [which we thought were all dark grey] turned out be a mixture of pale grey and a warm coloured cotswold stone colour, amazing.Cetainly worth buying one.Anyway good luck to you.

29 May, 2013

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