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Hi Guys, i have a Salix Inttegra


By Sanbaz

staining blackpool, United Kingdom Gb

Hi Guys, i have a Salix Integra (hakuro nishik) which i have had quite a few years now, maybe about 6, anyways its looking a bit tatty and wondered if i can cut it back at all to encourage new growth, its got twiggy bits that are a pain to snip off but thats all i have been doing, can anyone advise please :o)

On plant hakuro nishiki




Assuming its grafted onto a long stem, don't cut back past the graft point at the top, but you can cut back to within a couple of inches of the graft.

20 May, 2013


Hi Bamboo, thankyou, it is grafted and its getting sparse and a bit tatty so wasnt sure, shall i leave it till end of summer now or spring before it shoots again?

22 May, 2013


Nope, do it now, then its got the summer (if we get one) to grow on before winter sets in.

24 May, 2013


Thankyou Bamboo for your help, will get this done tomorrow. i agree a big IF!! lol

25 May, 2013

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