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By Mabroon

Aberdeenshire, United Kingdom Gb

Can anyone identify this tree, photos not the best sorry.

Silvb_004 Silvb_002



Should have taken this on a brighter day.

18 May, 2013


Sorry it's difficult to tell in these photos, maybe if we could have a closer look at the leaves on a brighter day it might help?

18 May, 2013


I know I should have waited till tomorrow, will take another photo then. thank you.

18 May, 2013


My gut feeling is it is a birch.

18 May, 2013


Thank you seaburngirl I had an inkling it was a silver birch. How tall do they grow and how wide is the canopy.

18 May, 2013


we had 3 that got to about 50ft with a spread of about 15-20ft. when they got to about 55yrs old they died over a couple of years. typical life expectancy according to the RHS. Some have a weeping habit, others more columnar whilst others have a more open canopy.

20 May, 2013

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