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Clwyd, United Kingdom Gb

I have a well and natural spring outside my front door. The spring runs towards the house and goes down the drain. I would like to save this water somehow and get it tested - also make a feature of the well. Any ideas?



Why dont you join GOY and you can post some pics and give us more of an idea? Also do you mean bottling the water?

24 Jan, 2010


As Denise suggests, join GOY. Water is very important for the well being of our lives as well as plant life. Take care you don't cut off the water supply of someone else. We stayed at Arthog once, when a spring was the main water supply to the house etc.

24 Jan, 2010


The first thing you need to do is take a sample along to your local Environmental Health department. I do believe that in some areas they come out for free to take a sample. However, be advised that there have been some major changes to spring water supplies over the last few years, and in some areas they are charging a rather extortionate ammount to come out and look at your well/spring.

24 Mar, 2012

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