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By Meanie

Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

Agave americana pup question.

Is it me or my Agave that is confused? I decided to try and separate some of the offsets and when I got it out of the pot I found these apparent new shoots growing in a downward direction. Are these new pups, and would they be a better bet for division?

Also, how should I go about it?

Thanks in advance.



They will be growing towards the light, the weak light from the pot hole. Do they have any root? You do no need roots for them to, erm, root, but it helps if they do it in the pot first. The soil looks very wet for an agave and I would add in loads more grit.

7 May, 2013


Thanks Kildermorie!

I had plunged the pot before removing as I keep it dry - figured that if it was wet the soil would not fall away when I removed it (not knowing what I was going to find) and save me the hassle of putting it all back together.

7 May, 2013


I can certainly see roots on the pups Meanie, so good time to take cuttings as it will have all summer to grow.

7 May, 2013


Removed them today with a clean sharp blade. Am I right in saying that I need to allow the cuts to "heal" for a couple of days before potting up? I've "wrapped" the roots in damp paper towel for the next day or so?

7 May, 2013


Hi Meanie,

I just repotted my Agave Americana variegata and took off 2 pups. I found a large pup growing down just like yours but went down and round the pot! I am leaving it but going to push it skywards every few weeks. How is yours getting on?

15 May, 2013


Not dead yet!!!!

17 May, 2013

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