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how to cut down a fern tree



cut down because its dead? they are very shallow rooted so it should 'pull' out easilt. If you want to cut it into sections then a bow saw type tool will do the job. cut at a slight slope downwards so the stem doesnt nip the blade.

3 May, 2013


one or two points to think about here,
(1) where is this tree situated ref your house!
the reason i say this is two fold, (a) if its near to the house ref wind flow! and you have to use your chimney for the fire's ie wood or solid fuel burning,
this tree could be a wind block ref smoke etc, if this is the case and you remove it you may need to have a cowel put on the chimney pot to aid smoke release, (better sort this out now rather than in the middle of the winter)

(2) if your going to take the tree down yourself ,?
How high is it and what are you like if a ladder needs tobe used ?

All tree work is done via removing from the top down having removed side growth first,

Saftey comes first and then love second,

ie you dont want any little ones near or pets,
and little loved things like your car/house etc damaged by falling trees,
and as a last thought "Neighbours" and their property.
Good luck "remember the word TIMBER".

3 May, 2013


As far as I am aware Tree Ferns are not shallow rooted, they are sold that way but develop deep strong roots within 1 year.

If the top growth is dead then take a saw and cut it down. They do rot down if you soak it and can be used for other plants until it does.

@dungy - a tree fern is a Dicksonia, not a tree!

3 May, 2013


thanks for that Kildermorie, I made the assumption that they were shallow as that's what I'd been led to believe :o)

3 May, 2013

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