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By Kornos

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I have grown some tomatoes in small 6 hole trays in a propagator on a sunny window sill in the house. They have all germinated. Now I have transplanted some of them into small pots (4 in a pot) and they are doing well. Shall I now put them into individual peat pots one per pot and when big enough into the ground? Also I have a couple of growbags this year. I have never grown tomates before , my husband used to do the vegetable side of things.
Any advice would be welcome



Hi Kornos,
The transplanting from the seed form is done when the second set of leave's are grown, the first set known as the common leave is the only one you touch when you trans plant from seed compost to a higher level of fertilzed compost,
Now your going to take these plants from a warm proagator to knew compost in a bigger pot and the plant need tobe placed into the pot with the hole in the compost ready to recieve the plants roots as you lower the plant into this compost (dont tough the roots 'hole the plant by the common leave only) once the plant is lowered into the hole you made fill compost up as far as just under the bottom leave, (this will bring the plant to grow a strong stem very quickly)

Now using room temp, water water the pot and let it settle with nothing under it so the excess water will drain away,
Place the pot on the window sill (it need to get use to the warm temp, now so it wont need any more covering.

Keep the compost damp but not over wet (soaking)

As the plant grows and more leaves appear you can stand the pot out in a sheltered place outside so that it gets use to the outdoor temp (bring it back in during the night)
Once the plant is approx 5 / 6 inch high and looking healthy and its been out daily getting use to the outdoor
temp, it will be ready for the grow bag,
The grow bag should have marked out on the flat side of it little cut out sections for how many plants that size of bag is designed to take, (two or three) on the average size one's,
cut this plastic section out of the top side of the bag only and water the compost and let it settle and then remove your 5/6 inch high toms from their pots and plant one plant in each cut out section of the growbag,

plant deep enough so that your pot grown plant is about level with the compost in the growbag, it wont matter if you go a little deeper bur dont allow the pot grown plant to be higher,
you'll need a cane planted in the compost of your grow bag to support your plant, use string rather than plastic to secure the new plant as plastic can cut into the stem string is softer (make a loose fig 8 shape securing hold so that as the stem gets bigger it'll have room inside your securing holding string)
When you see the first yellow flower!
It's then you start to feed your toms and not before
if you do feed befor this yellow flower appears you'll just get tons off green stuff and not much toms.

Liquid feed is the simple feed to use and all the instructions are on the plastic bottle.

Well Kornos it may seem a long winded reply but its not once you get going with this advice,
and your not finished yet you'll need to know what leaves to remove and when to pinch out but this info comes much later so until then,
Good gardening and enjoy you toms.

27 Apr, 2013



27 Apr, 2013


If you are growing in grow bags I'd recommend an investment in tomato grow pots. They make watering and feeding a lot easier. And some have holes for canes.

27 Apr, 2013


Hi Kornos,
Just to put your mind at rest, its not that much involved really once you take it all in little stages at a time,
trying to write it all down will make it sound a lot but again once you've done it "the next time it all falls into place and the rewards are worth it,
Home grown toms taste like a tomato should taste,
plus when you've got to many to use for the salads then it'll be chuntney making time.
Dont worry, give it a try.

27 Apr, 2013


Thats a very good detailed description, I,m sure you will be fine

, you don't say the variety of tomato you have grown.

The bush or tumbler varieties have different growing conditions to the tall cordon ones
Have a look and put your answer in the box under these and we will all be able to see what you say

28 Apr, 2013

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