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i have got a very bad out break of a fairly rare bug for the u.k. the bug i think is Collembolan, common name Springtail, there is plenty of advice and treatment availablein the U.S but not here. could you please let me know what i can buy from here to kill the ones i have and to try and prevent them returning. they apparantly dont harm the plants but the amount of them seems to be. i know the ingredient must end in thrin but none of the products available list the ingredients. please help



The good news is that they are not really doing any harm as they live on decaying organic matter, such as the peat in composts. Sometimes they are a bother to young seedlings when they feed on the root hairs. With established house plants they rarely cause a problem, but if you wish to kill them, water the plant with diluted Provado Vine Weevil Killer following the manufacturer's instructions.

7 Jun, 2008


You can buy plant pegs which are little strips of cardboard that are impregnated with bug killer that you just push into the soil, assuming you are talking about pot plants.

9 Jun, 2008


thanks for your help guys, the heat seems to have dried them out a bit but will use the vine weevil tip as have them in bed as well as pots.
thanks again.
do you have any ideas where they may have got in my garden or are they just here now?

11 Jun, 2008

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