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removing garden pond


By Helen1s

United Kingdom Gb

I have quite a large pond that takes up the whole of one end of my garden, this was in when we bought the house & we would like to remove it. How would we go about doing so?



Hiya Helen1s

Welcome to GOY !

I knew someone who was in the same predicament as you, and all they did was bodged a hole in the lining, drained it, semi-filled the hole with rubble from a diy/building project (a good drainage layer I believe), threw on a bit of topsoil and it resulted in a pretty good rosebed.
This pond was about 20 ft by 15 ft.
It was a few years ago now, I renovated/lined his loft, and a couple of years after this I went back to see how his loft (recording studio) was getting on, commented on his pond and he showed me this wonderful patch of bushes/roses etc.

Poor fish...!!

Hope I haven't rambled too much, how big is your pond ?

6 Jun, 2008

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