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Strange hard 'growths' on my Euonymus fortunei.

West Somerset, England Eng

I found two strange hard 'growths' on my Euonymus fortunei today. I'm not sure if the objects were actually growing on the branches, or if it's a creature that's built them. They are about the same size as a cricket ball.

Can anyone please tell me what they are? I've cut them off.

On plant Euonymus fortunei




Have you discovered a new way of growing cauliflowers?

23 Apr, 2013


Oh dear - thanks, Jent. It doesn't sound hopeful for the Euonymus.

24 Apr, 2013


Wonder if its related to the flood?

24 Apr, 2013


No nothing to do with the flood Pamg and Jent says it is a bacterial disease. Copy and paste the link below for the RHS info

Barbara I think you'll need to get rid of your Euonymus.

24 Apr, 2013


Not yet I'm not! We'll see how it goes. If it shows any more signs, then yes, of course I will.

24 Apr, 2013


There has been a lot of them and viruses about in the human as well as the plant population this year, lack of proper summers I think. :0(

24 Apr, 2013


Probably, unfortunately. We've both been out to take a look, and there aren't any other far...

24 Apr, 2013


Thanks - there seems to be more hope of keeping the Euonymus, if I care for it, doesn't there.

25 Apr, 2013

How do I say thanks?

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