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Its been a long time since getting in touch I hope you don't mind. My problem is parsnips. My garden isn't deep enough for parsnips to grow properly so I grow them in pipes ( 4" ) mainly because I don't need too many. Germinating seeds is the reason I am writing, they are difficult to work with because you have to wait so long before you know if they are going to grow. What I need is a good technique, to get the seeds to grow and to transfer them to the pipes without upsetting the plants.
Have you any suggestions.
Thankyou john



Not done it for years, but once upon a time I used to pre-germinate them on tissue paper in the house. Once the seeds had begun to grow I transferred them (plus a bit of the paper) to the garden. Worked for me.

22 Apr, 2013


You need to use fresh seed each year as they deteriorate quickly. And we don't mind that you haven't been on GOY for a while...we don't sit in front of the screen waiting!!

22 Apr, 2013

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