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Plant ID? I was guessing hebe, but would be good to know what variety if it is. I haven't noticed any colour change or flowers in the last year. And do they prefer sun?

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I have pair of those in terracotta pots - hebe 'varigata', not sure if it has another name.

16 Apr, 2013


Now I think that is one of the Euonymous ones. I have some and they certainly dont flower as hebe. May be wrong but have a look at small leafed ones.

16 Apr, 2013


Euonymus japonicus "MICROPHYLLUS

googled dwarf Euonymus and this came up what do you think?

16 Apr, 2013


That is interesting - do I have a Hebe or a Euonymous? will brave the winds later to check! Certainly mine is more upright, compact and, erm, Hebe and less shrubby looking.

16 Apr, 2013


It's the Euonymous...i have that one at work...100%

16 Apr, 2013


Ahh, thank you :o) Will I need to prune it at all? I'll be planting it out eventually rather than keeping it in that pot, I assume it'd prefer a sunny spot too?

Kildermorie - it's been horribly windy here today too, it's so unfair that we finally get a warm, sunny day but it's too windy to go out and do anything!

16 Apr, 2013


it needs little pruning, just to keep it in shape. remove any all green stems to stop it reverting to the all green form.

I have one in the ground and a couple in pots.

16 Apr, 2013


Never pruned mine. Had it for about 15 years and it's still only 12" tall. It does revert to its green form quite a bit so you may want to cut them bits out if its not too much

16 Apr, 2013


Thanks for the advice :o)

17 Apr, 2013

How do I say thanks?

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