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i planted lots of hollyhocks in the summer and started getting a dry,red angry rash on my hands.we are now past christmas and the rash is still there do you think its possible i could have been them that caused it ive been to the doc and got 2 tubes of cream but nothing is working?

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Could have been them that started it off (although hollyhocks are not one of the plants known to cause skin irritation, but everyone's different) but it doesn't make sense really because if it was hollyhocks, why have you still got it? Contact dermatitis usually passes once you stop handling whatever it is that caused it. If it continues, I'd ask the doc for a referral to dermatology - GPs are not skin specialists and don't always recognise various skin conditions.

18 Jan, 2010


Good advice Bamboo....:>)

18 Jan, 2010

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