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By Dan22

South Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have some seeds from my cordyline from last year and would like to know when I should sow them and how many in a pot.




Sow them any time from now until late spring. They can be sown lightly so that they are easy to seperate when three or four leaves are present on the seedlings. A small 3in wide pot could take about 20 seeds.

19 Jan, 2010


If I sow the seeds now how long does it normally take for you to start to see the green leaves coming throught, if it works of cause.

Also how fast do they grow once they have broken the surface, by the end of summer are they the size of those small cordylines you get at the garden centre.

22 Jan, 2010


About two-three weeks normally.

By the end of the summer, the ones we used to grow from seed had about 8 leaves so not bad for their first season.

22 Jan, 2010


Do the seeds before the leaves get to the surface need any light at this point.

Also how wet should the compost be.

23 Jan, 2010

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