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if i plant tulips and daffodils now ie january, will they flower this spring/summer?



Yes, I have a bag of Tulips to plant soon to replace those the squirrels have eaten. Put the bulbs in hot water, leave overnight. Plant the next day if you have no frost in the ground. They will flower with short stems. I have planted as late as February with good results.

17 Jan, 2010


I'm just about to plant some late tulips too. What is the hot water for Doctorbob? Why hot?

17 Jan, 2010


Hi Jonathan,
The hot water sends a message to the bulbs saying it's spring and the bulbs will start to grow faster.

17 Jan, 2010


Oooh Thanks for that advice, Docbob - As you know, I've lost all my tulips so if I can find any in the Garden Centres, I shall plant them - under chicken wire in the boxes this time!.

By the way, I have come to the conclusion that it must have been badgers that ate all mine. :-(((

17 Jan, 2010


Hi Barbara,
It has crossed my mind that the luxuries you provided the wildlife with i.e. your badgers, may have been helped out by mice as well and underneath your boxes they made a store of the bulbs for food. In the past I have been plagued with them, trapped them and then later found a store of bulbs worthless and too late to replant. As I said above I have been plagued with squirrels this year.

17 Jan, 2010


I don't think that can be the case - the boxes stand flat on the grass with no gaps underneath them. Do you know - they even tried to eat the Narcissi as well - and some of my new Alliums! Not to their taste, though, obviously - they spat them out all chewed up. Ugh!

I am really hoping that I can track some tulip bulbs down - but what are the chances at this time of year?

17 Jan, 2010


B&Q Spritz, I saw them last week... Hiyah :)))

17 Jan, 2010


Thanks very much - I'll try there first! :-))))))

How are you?

17 Jan, 2010


Im great, Now the snows gone and I can see the bulbs coming through :) No Casualties either except for a couple of pots.. The Bulbs were 3packs for £5, Good Luck..

17 Jan, 2010


Thanks! I'll let you know if I get some. :-)))

17 Jan, 2010


I have just bought some tulips from They are still supplying them, but you have to pay postage.

18 Jan, 2010


Take a look at the blog I've just written for NEWS!! :-))))

18 Jan, 2010

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