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By Irene24

Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom Gb

When can i sow grass is it too cold now?



I'd wait a while longer till it warms up a bit.

5 Apr, 2013


My old boss told me...."it's better in the ground then in the bag"

5 Apr, 2013


Trouble is the little birdies then have a field day before it's got warm enough to germinate, so if you are tempted its best to very lightly cover the seed. But grass doesn't grow at all when the temp is below about 45 degrees F


5 Apr, 2013


Soil temperature for germination of all seeds is 39 dec.C

Or you could use the method of a farmer, who pushed his trousers down and sat his bare bottom on the ground,
then he could tell if it was warm enough to sow his seed.

6 Apr, 2013


Can't imagine soil so hot in these islands. Love the story about the farmer's soil-testing bottom. Mine wouldn't enjoy the exposure!

6 Apr, 2013


I was talking about growth not germination. No good it germinating if it then doesn't grow. Do let us know if you use the farmer's method Irene - with photo if possible!!

6 Apr, 2013

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