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By Kornos

Surrey, United Kingdom Gb

Foxes keep digging little holes in various places on the lawn. How do I restore the lawn back to a reasonable state? Fill the holes with soil and grass seed and cover-or fill with soil and cut pieces of turf like a patchwork and cover? Say with fine chicken wire. Has anyone had this problem?



I have. It's a nightmare, they're after grubs under the grass...leatherjackets or chaffer grubs. My lawn at work looks like a bomb site.

I just fill with soil and put a bit of seed down. you shouldn't have to cover with chicken wire as they won't be digging in the same place twice once the grub has been dug up.

4 Apr, 2013


In both cases (snoop and Kornos) I'd be treating the lawn for leatherjackets - you can now buy a nematode treatment for these, but you probably need to order it on line, and these treatments are only effective when the soil is at a certain temperature, that is, not cold like now. Nemesys is the company which makes it - otherwise,I think Provado does a lawn drench treatment which should kill them off. After treatment, that's the time to repair the lawn...

4 Apr, 2013


Also sprinkle some urine around the garden, this should deter them but you have to keep spreading it! I have heard bunches of human hair does the trick too.

4 Apr, 2013

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