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My garden seems to be full of ants. Last year they attacked my cherry blossom tree, stripping the bark, so I had to cut the tree down. Now they are all over my Rhododendron which is in a large pot.
Help please !



Buy some Ant traps from the Garden Centre, Supermarket or DIY store. They do work. Are the ants actually in the pot? Unfortunately, if they are nesting, it would be better to take the shrub out, dispose of the compost and nest and re-pot. This is because the nest can disturb the roots and then your Rhododendron will suffer. I had to do that last year with a very big pot. I tipped it out onto a ground sheet to contain the mess. Then I raised the pot off the ground and put a trap underneath. This worked!

6 Jun, 2008


I have put ant powder down on the patio area and also tried ant laquer. We seem to get a lot of ants every year, all my neighbours get them too, its worse when the flying ants come.
Will repot it once it has finished flowering,
thanks for the advice,

6 Jun, 2008


It was actually advice from Alan Titchmarsh himself! I read it just before I found the ants in my pot and took his advice...

6 Jun, 2008


Ah, Alan gardening hero!

7 Jun, 2008


Well, even though he has diversified, he has worked his way up through all types of gardening and so I do accept his advice!

7 Jun, 2008

How do I say thanks?

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