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These are all over.....Are they friend or foe???



They mainly eat plant detritus but I suspect they'll have a go at very small seedlings.On the whole they are pretty harmless in my experience.

6 Jun, 2008


As above, they do no harm. I just leave them alone.

6 Jun, 2008


Thank you....They are rather creepy-crawly....!

6 Jun, 2008


LOL My Daughter when she was about 4/5 yrs old would pick these little things up 2 KISS them lol , She thought they where CUTE lol

6 Jun, 2008


They are the one creepy-crawly that Henry does NOT eat! He sniffs at them then leaves them alone. Maybe they smell funny to a dog???

6 Jun, 2008


My Summer likes eating Ants Spritz& Squashing Spiders with her Big Wet Nose :)

6 Jun, 2008

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