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Dear all

Since last autumn my project has been to get lily of the valley to grow in my garden - shade from fruit trees, clay soil - so far one is coming up. Any suggestions?



Mine don't come up until it gets a bit warmer, so there is plenty of time.

17 Mar, 2013


Agree with Lizzie a bit early yet to be seeing them.

17 Mar, 2013


mine put in an appearance in about mid april.

17 Mar, 2013


My neighbours start appearing in my garden april/may!

17 Mar, 2013


No sign of mine yet either

17 Mar, 2013


That is when they appear in our garden too Scottish - in spite of our best efforts to eradicate them!

17 Mar, 2013


If they start to grow, they'll never leave you! Mine were planted 30+ years ago and appear everywhere, even in between the patio pavers. Neither shade nor sun seems to deter them. They don't appear for a while yet, though. (I love them, by the way...) In Belgium they are associated with May 1st (St Joseph) apparently. Mine are often only starting then.

17 Mar, 2013


As has been said, a bit early.

In years to come it may well be that the question you ask is reversed and becomes - How do I halt the spread of Lilly-of-the-valley?

I do hope so. :)

18 Mar, 2013


Dear all,
Thanks for the info and advice - I will just haveto possess my soul in patience for a few more weeks. I would love to have them popping up everywhere though, you are so lucky....

23 Mar, 2013

How do I say thanks?

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