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By Stu

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Orchid question
Does anyone know where you can buy the growing medium that orchids are in when you buy them? It looks like little bits of wood. I know you can but orchid compost (and I have some) but it is not the same and nothing like the medium in bought orchids.



Try a different brand. I haven't bought any for a while but the last lot I did buy was the lumpy bark type. Or is there an orchid nursery near you? They might sell it.

7 Jan, 2010


Mine is the lumpy one too,I got mine from a garden centre,and is about the same as I had when I got my orchid.Maybe,Volunteer has the best solution,a different brand perhaps?

7 Jan, 2010


The bag I bought from the local GC was the usual lumpy stuff... try mixing some bark with yours Stu.

7 Jan, 2010


You should be able to get it, Stu - it's readily available.

However, if you do need a mail-order bag, get in touch with Burnham Nursery in Devon. They are real experts and would chat to you over the phone if it would be of help.

7 Jan, 2010


Hi everyone & thanks for your answers. Without venturing out to the greenhouse I can't remember the brand I have, it's a well known make but certainly not "lumpy". I will indeed look around or call Burnham.
Once again thankyou.
Brian (Stu)

7 Jan, 2010

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