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I asked this question a couple of years ago and here I am asking it again ......I think I know the answer already! My garden is approx 20ft wide and 30ft long and I have the most beautiful Christmas tree in one corner, but it is now over 30ft tall. I bought it as a 'stocking filler' for my daughter one Christmas over 20 years ago and I suppose it has sentimental value, although she has long since left home! The question I am asking...... is it time to say goodbye? It really is rather splendid but how much taller can it grow and it must be taking so much goodness out of my garden. Help .....please.



It will continue to grow unless it is cut down and, yes, it is depriving the other plants/shrubs of moisture and nutriments.

17 Feb, 2013


If its Picea abies, the Norway spruce, ultimate height is 165 feet. If yours has been in 20 years, its doing well, because the anticipated height after 20 years is 20 feet, but yours is 30 already.

17 Feb, 2013


You may miss it when it's gone and you will need more work done to make the area it's in fertile again, but as you gave us this question two years ago it may be time for it to go.

17 Feb, 2013


The longer you leave it the more expensive it will be to remove it.

17 Feb, 2013

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