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bought a red hot poker plant last Spring from a good nursery , it did well and grew very long leaves, no flowers but I didnt expect any, is it true it will take another 2 years to produce flowers?



I dont know if they are supposed to flower in their first year, but I put two in last year one in sun and one in shade, and they both flowered. In fact I had more flowers than leaves.

16 Feb, 2013


Mine are perennial and produce flowers every year. I remember getting a flower stalk in some the first year. Last year was very wet, so perhaps rot or the slugs may have got to them. They do need full sun.

16 Feb, 2013


You dont say how old the plants were, but when I have grown them from seed they take about 3yrs. So they may well flower for you this year.

16 Feb, 2013


Ah, Seaburngirl is right, I used bare root plants, so if grown from seed they take a few years to flower.

16 Feb, 2013


thanks everyone for replying. I put in quite a substantial plant, not from seed BUT I took a chance in the position of it, it's in light shade not full sun, and as you say, we had an awful year for rain anyway.It does look healthy though, so hopefully it may flower this year. My sister bought the same plant for her garden, which is in full sun and it didn't flower either!

16 Feb, 2013

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