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I've just been given a tradescantia from a green house any information on this plant please, plus a variant of the same.



You, don't say which type it is but it doesn't matter really as they grow like weeds anyway.If it becomes too long & straggly you just cut off the ends( under a joint is best),& then stick these into any old soil in another pot,( round the edge & in the middle), & you have a nice new plant in no time. Throw the old plant away. The dark green striped ones go red when in the sun but it doesn't kill them, in fact they look quite nice like that. The pale green ones with white stripes need to be in a light place but not direct sun or they'll scorch.Hope this helps.No one could kill a trad! Water as necessary, but even if you forget for a few weeks it will still survive.

14 Feb, 2013


unless it is the hardy outdoor species. Could you add a photo?

14 Feb, 2013

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