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My poly tunnel needs a new cover and various other parts so the question is do I keep the current 16ft and spend about £120 getting it right or do I get a new 20ft one like the one in the link below what worries me is the quality the polythene looks like the walk in sort that you get from wilkos.Has anybody had one similar any info would be great. The pic is my current one.




It looks good .

My greenhouses are glass.

But I have had them for a few years now or I may have gone for a Polytunnel.

They look great Steve but I would not like to say go for it.

See what others say.

16 Jan, 2013


Looks pretty goo to me... better than what you currently have.

16 Jan, 2013


I have a 4m by 2m polytunnel from that very company (you can see it in my photo). I put it in about 18 months ago and no major problems. The frame is substantial/strong and the polythene is still ok, it is the sort with a mesh of string in it, so does cut light a bit. The one niggle is that the ties for windows/vents were elastic and soon disintergrated, but no problem to improvise. I would prefer glass, but for me this is great value for the price. (PS spare covers are available)

17 Jan, 2013


hi steve i wound,nt buy that pollytunnel as i bought one like whats in the link a 20ft one, the plastic is very light and it tears very easily as i have discovered. also the edges hasn,t got enough plastic to get a good amount into the ground which allows the wind to get under it very easily i would invest in good quality plastic instead if i was you. eamonn

21 Jan, 2013

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