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Good afternoon,

I wonder if anyone can help me with this question?

I have recently moved into my house and have a blank canvas garden with a bare brick wall.

I'm interested in covering it with a virginia creeper. what I'd like to know is, is there another climber that you'd reccomend planting to cover the same area for when the virginia creeper dies back in the autumn to keep it looking nice?

Many thanks



Winter jasmine maybe?....yellow flowers on mild winter days

15 Jan, 2013


Hi Adsheppy and welcome to GoY - how much sunlight does your garden and the wall get?

15 Jan, 2013


Hello and welcome to GOY Adsheppy fantastic a new blank canvas garden to have so much fun and joy with.

I would agree with Pam and of course clematis or honeysuckle .

15 Jan, 2013


Hi there!

Thanks for your advice.
Great to be on this site too! I'm sure ill have a lot more questions to ask and things to learn!

Moon growe, I get a fair bit on sunlight in the garden.

Many thanks

15 Jan, 2013


To help we really need to know which way the wall faces and its dimensions. Different plants prefer different aspects.

15 Jan, 2013


Neither clematis nor honeysuckle will give much interest when the virginia creeper has died back. A variegated ivy would be a possibility. Winter jasmine is pretty and flowering with us now but would need tying into wires or something to keep it going upwards as it has a weeping habit.
A Euonymus would give your green, pink and white foliage in winter.

15 Jan, 2013


Mind you I hate virgina creeper so may that is whey I mentioned my favorites.

15 Jan, 2013


the only problem i can see is that the virginia creeper might shade out other plants so they would not thrive. never tried it as OH wont have thins growing on the bricks.

16 Jan, 2013


If you need something evergreen then dont go for creeper. As mentioned above, what about a pretty variegated ivy. We have a small leaved green and cream ivy which looks great and doesnt need any help to cling.Just keep it clipped back a bit when it fully covers the space.This then makes a good green background for whatever you plant in front of it.

3 Feb, 2013

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