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where are my snowdrops?


By Sheilag

United Kingdom Gb

Hi There,Last February I purchased 500 snowdrops in the green.I planted them out in my front garden along a path close to a hedge border.I also planted some under a large standard holly tree.
Only those under the holly tree have come up this year.What have I done wrong?



I am sure they will come up .

How deep did you plant them?

14 Jan, 2013


Mine are literally just poking through, maybe the border is more shaded

14 Jan, 2013


Mine only popped up last week and they`ve been in for years so don`t worry yet........

14 Jan, 2013


I find they take a couple of years to settle down Sheilag, bit frustrating I know. Two years ago I planted some within a stone circle & still they haven't come through, but last year I planted another stone circle & they are showing.

14 Jan, 2013


Planting in the Green is said to be the most reialble method but one of the most common causes of not emerging the next year is that they have rotted away. A mix of sharp sand or grit is helpful when planting if your soil is heavy. This could be the case if the ones you have planted under the holly have thrived because the evergreen canopy and roots have stopped the soil becoming waterlogged with the wet weather.

15 Jan, 2013


My snowdrops haven't shown them selves yet, think mine are later anyway, I live in Leigh-on-Sea Essex :o)

16 Jan, 2013

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