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By Lawley

Herefordshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi.. I have a blossom tree in my garden that I planted about 15 years ago (from Woolworths) last year I realised that it never blossomed and most of the leaves had disappeared except for the ones at the top that were dark and shrivelled. Can I save this tree or should I chop the branches of and use the trunk to grow something up it? The tree just looks lifeless!



Hard to say without a lot more information. A photograph MIGHT help, or any words you may have about anything else you can see on the tree - maybe coral spots, or sunken areas in the trunk, oozing from the trunk or branches, rotting at the base, infestation of scale, that kind of thing.

11 Jan, 2013


and at this time of year I would nt expect any leaves anyway. wait and see what happens this spring. Did the trunk have any toadstools growing from it? Scrape a little bit of bark off, is their a layer of white fungal fibres which smell strongly of mushrooms? If yes then it sounds like honey fungus, which blossom trees of the cherry/plum/crab apple family are susceptible to. It seems a bit young to have died of old age. So check for this fungus.

11 Jan, 2013

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