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Can anyone identity this flower?


By Leon

London, United Kingdom Gb

This lovely flower appeared in our allotment at the end of May. No leaves are present and the flower stalk is about 18 inches high.




This one is popping up today isn't it....IAgain Ithink it is Dodecatheon meadia " Shooting Star" also known as "American Cowslip"
Have a look at Spritzhenry's site ( Flowers ) it is on page 10
And see the photo from "modestmoose" - below your question.

4 Jun, 2008


No, Dodecatheon flowers look like little Cyclamen in shape and 'posture'. I first though it might be an Oxalis, but they come with leaves like clover. So I don't know, sorry.

4 Jun, 2008


oops...... I have goofed Leon.....Sorry..
Thanks for the correction Spritz.

5 Jun, 2008


Thanks for trying. I think I've identified it from a gardening book as Dierama dracomontanum.

10 Jun, 2008

How do I say thanks?

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