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I live in warner robins georgia I have a bunch of angel trumpets in which some have rooted i need to pot them up would they survive outside or would they do ok in my shed i have grow lights out there but no heat I cant keep them in the house because i have dogs



If it doesn't get much colder than 50, they should be OK. Where I am, it rarely gets below 50, and they do fine outside. So if your garage stays about that, they do loose their leaves and shouldn't mine being kept barely moist inside.

26 Dec, 2009


What are angel trumpets ?

27 Dec, 2009


Louise - Angels Trumpets is just the common name for Brugmansia.

27 Dec, 2009


It would help no end if the proper name was used in brackets. I have no idea what the common names for things are :-/

27 Dec, 2009


Latin names are not commonly used in North America Louise....I don't know why but even in the garden centres if you ask for something by the Latin name you will get some very odd looks. LOL
It's only since I've been on GoY that my latin name list is improving. I'm learning everyday. Goodness knows what my pronounciation is like as I never hear the names....I only ever read them. :oD

27 Dec, 2009


Wow, how funny, i'm shocked !!!
In my ignorance i thought that all labels would have the real name on them ?
I'm guilty of thinking that all labelling and reference would be the same .... for simplicity and ease really.
Do garden centres have reference books and information staff that you can ask if you're interested in something but don't have the proper name ?

Folks in north america must wonder what we're on about here

I know what you mean about pronunciation !!!
I've made some real classic boo-boos, the garden centre assistants have laughed aloud sometimes :-/

27 Dec, 2009


Well that would certainly make sense to me Louise....but no, some companies put the latin name on labels in tiny little letters you can barely read and other companies not at all.

It depends on the garden centre as to how helpful the staff are. Some of the bigger ones employ 90% "Joe Blow" off the street and have one or two more knowledgable people if you can find them. Other places try to employ more knowledgable staff. Where I work we will happily look something up on the computer or in books for customers if we get stumped.

I'm sure if were to try my latin words out to someone in England they would be rolling around on the floor in hysterics at my pronounciation. It's easy here though as not many know much better than I do!! LOL

27 Dec, 2009



27 Dec, 2009


Back to the question!
It depends on your temperature out there Charley111, if your temp doesn't drop below freezing, 5 - 10 degrees centigrade on the safe side then you should be ok to leave them outside.
I have just checked on google and it is 4 degrees centigrade/39 F at the moment in Warner Robins GA USA.

Alternatively, you could cut them back and wrap garden fleece around them until your temperatures rise. Garden fleece is a lanolin based material that allows water to run off it rather than soak it up.

Your shed should offer better protection than the outside in case you do have a freeze, I would put them out there and maybe wrap some fleece or a protective covering around them. Don't use plastic as condensation build up could freeze.

If I don't understand the terminology of a question because we are a www community, I use google to reference things before assuming that people are able to offer a reference we all can understand! All cultures and communities have different ways of doing things that may be different to your way of doing things. Being able to research things by our own is a useful tool that will help in the long run.

I just referenced the temp in Warner Robins, Georgia US and it took 10 seconds on google!

27 Dec, 2009



27 Dec, 2009

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