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By Anna22

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Is erinaceous soil good for pot vines and olive trees in tubs?



Ericaceous compost is for plants that hate lime/love azaleas, heathers, um...pieris I think. I've not heard of vines or olives needing it - might be wrong? I was recommended (by my local garden centre info lady) to use John Innes no3 50/50 with grit, & a layer of grit for drainage for my v. sad-looking potted olive. Last summer was very wet here (near London) which they don't like & mine got scale insects too. Has a splotchy black mouldy look - probably sooty mould after scale insects. Anyway, I have the compost & grit, but have yet to find the time to re-pot (3 little kids, not enough time in any day!)....will let you know if the John Innes no3 saves the Olive!

4 Jun, 2008


Ericaceous soil is mainly for woodland plants, while vines and olive trees grow on hot, otherwise bare hillsides.

I bought some ericaceous compost from a well-know 'name' believing it was acidic - just as Caz13 recommends. It took a whole summer last year trying various 'treatments' before eventually discovering my new ericaceous compost was NEUTRAL ............... Next time I go looking for ericaceous soil I'm taking my pH meter with me.

5 Jun, 2008

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