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Does anyone have a recent Thompson & Morgan catalogue? If so, could you please send me the catalogue code; I think it's usually on the top-right corner of the order form.



The 2010 Seed Catalogue has the code 201 on the order form, plus to get online offers quote order code H100. Hope this helps.

26 Dec, 2009


Cheers. Even though it did work it increased the price by £1.49 and removed 3 packets of free seed.. Weird!

26 Dec, 2009


I see you've noticed the free postage offer as well. Yes, I've just placed my seed and seed potato order. I din't get free seeds either but I got another special offer of onion sets for 99p instead of £3.99 so it worked out alright. I've just put on a blog in case some weren't aware of the limited free postage offer!I didn't need a code to order. Just clicked on quick order, typed in the product codes and added them to basket. It worked!

26 Dec, 2009


Can i just chip in to recommend the Mr Fothergills cataloge - Im really pleased with them......I'm not a shareholder, honest! lol

26 Dec, 2009


Yes I did notice the free P&P offer : ) Usually if you have a catalogue and use the code it will open up more offers or freebies but not in this case, for me at least.. Thanks for the link Sid, not seen that place before but looks like a decent alternative!

In the end I bought:

Dolichos lablab Ruby Moon x 2
Nigella damascena Mulberry Rose (Only 99p and never tried Nigella before)
Mina lobata
Ricinus communis Impala
Sweetcorn : Mirai White M421 F1 Hybrid
Echium pininana alba Snow Tower
Echium Pininana (Free)
Sandersonia aurantica (Free)
Day Flower (Free)
Belamcanda chinensis Leopard Lily Mixed (Free)

Plenty to keep me busy next year! Wish I had room for it all..

26 Dec, 2009


Nigella is lovely....and you'll only ever have to buy it once lol Haven't grown the rest, but I do have some seeds for Ricinus, so looking forward to that. I know what you mean about the room....I have that problem too....ah well, can always dig up another bit of lawn lol

29 Dec, 2009

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