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why does my orchid have many air roots and will not blossom



I am posting not because I know the answer but because I'm having the same problem and would like to know the answer too. This way it will come up on my list. Sorry to piggy back you Guest. :o)

25 Dec, 2009


Spritzhenry is the mistress of orchid care and has written a very good blog. type her name into the search, click on her doggie avatar and you will be able to see all her blogs.

The air roots are natural if it is a phalaenopsis as they are epiphytic orchids. Check Barbara's blog for ways to make the little dears flower again.

Guest you may have to join to access members blogs - I'm not sure about that.

25 Dec, 2009


Thanks, Mg - hi from London - Happy Christmas!

25 Dec, 2009


and to you Barbara

25 Dec, 2009


:-) xx

25 Dec, 2009


I've noticed my Phal in the kitchen produces many aerial roots but my 2 in the bathroom don't.. It could be down to the lack of humidity.

My plant in the kitchen produced a flower spike this year but the buds died off before getting anywhere near flowering. I think I might move it.

26 Dec, 2009

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