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is lavatera the same as tree mallow? is it perrenial? im trying to figure out what is in my garden.



Tree Mallow is one of the Lavatera family, yes, but the ones commonly seen in gardens are named Lavateras like 'Barnsley', 'Kew Rose' etc. Yes, it's perennial but Tree Mallow is on the tender side, while the named ones are more or less hardy. Does all that make sense? There are also L.trimestris plants which are annuals and tender.

3 Jun, 2008


thanks spritz that makes more sense. Is marsh mallow related or is that something different? The thing in my garden is hardy with long tendrils of bright pink flowers in next few months.

4 Jun, 2008


Yes, there are several Mallows - you can tell by the shape of their flowers. Is yours a shrub? Do you prune it - I hope you do or it WILL get out of control! My husband is very wary of them as when I had one way back in my tender youth, I didn't know you had to cut them back and just left it went MAD and was dreadful to deal with, the trunk was like a tree and the branches went at last 8' in all directions! Hmmmm! never again. It's pruned every year now in this garden!

4 Jun, 2008


it was here when we moved here 2 years ago. Its very beautifull in flower but im thinking of trying to move it or id like to take cuttings then remove it completely. Just because it is in the wrong place in a small front garden and it leans out taking up all the space. I think its a shrub the base is like a bush with thick strong branches i cut it right back last year but it just grows again.I was investigating how to do cuttings from lavatera and thats when i started to wonder if it was lavatera as i read they were annuals. I would like to grow it in our back garden instead where we have loads of space. I like it but like you say it grows really wild all over the place. Am going to google some of the names you mentioned and see if they look like mine.

4 Jun, 2008


Mine died a sudden death recently, if you read my question. I bought a new one, called 'Cynthia Nixon' with no idea what colour it is! I am waiting with bated breath for the first bud to open! (They only come in white, pink and white/pink so I am pretty safe, really)

4 Jun, 2008

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